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Danielle Jones

Trinidad & Tobago  

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FavoRate: **

Nombre: Yanina Gonzalez
Edad: 26
Estatura: 1.77m

Location: Caribbean

Status: UN Country

Capital City: Port-of-Spain

Main Cities: San Fernando, Scarborough

Population: 1,292,000   Area []: 5,130

Currency: 1 Trinidad and Tobago dollar = 100 cents

Languages: English, Spanish

Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim
A seven-year-long battle with liver cancer was coming to a close. After almost two weeks of palliative care at the hospital, Denise Jones, mother of Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Danielle Jones, was brought to her Flagstaff home by her family. Three fridays ago as Danielle Jones rushingly prepared for an engagement in Point Fortin, her mother called for her and said, simply, "late".

She had distilled into one word the sentiment by which she lived and swore. "The dead bury the dead," she had often reiterated. "Life is to be lived." Jones left knowing that her mother could die that night. And she did.

"I didn't cry or scream. Mom fought a hard fight. For her to go in her home, surrounded by loved ones, having told everyone goodbye...she won."


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